Start the Never Ending Journey to Losing Weight

Diets that guarantee lots of lost pounds in thirty days or some similar too-good-too-be-true promise usually get a lot of attention.

They appeal to the part of us that wants instant gratification as we want results and we want them right now.

The problem with change that we want to happen to us is that it doesn’t ever happen fast enough for our liking and we tend to get frustrated and defeated. Real lifestyle changes that affect our weight, strength and ultimately our health take time and somehow we have to find the patience for the long haul.

If you have started doing some positive things to address your health; such as a proper exercise program and making an effort to eat better, you may be wondering to yourself about how do you keep on keeping on even when you are not getting results as quickly as you would like?

Your success with your lifestyle changes is not just measured when you reach your weight loss or fitness goals. Arriving at the destination is not the only mark of success.

Your end goal may be made up of one hundred small steps and you actually succeed in little ways every single day. And the more you become aware and see these little successes, the easier it becomes to stay on the right path.

You succeed each time you workout, you succeed each time your physical strength increases. You succeed each time you think ahead and plan your next day’s meals and you succeed each time you make healthy choices at a meal. You succeed when you are able to avoid unhealthy habits or food choices that you know are not going to help you reach your goals but are always there to tempt you.

Even when you are not seeing change as quickly as you might like to you are still making the structural changes that you cannot see. And it is these important changes that if you continue to make them will give you the results you wish to achieve in the long run. As each day passes your awareness grows, the choices you make become more powerful and your bold actions not only change what you do they change who you are.

Your proper exercise program and healthy eating plan are not only just something you do, it is something you become. If you watch the growth in the spring time on a tree or plant in a slow motion sequence you will see all of the micro adjustments that have to happen for a bud to sprout. Then that bud has to turn into a blossom and that blossom has to turn into a fruit or new leaves.

SometimesFind Article, you forget to notice and it seems as though these changes have happened overnight but they haven’t. The same tiny steps that have taken place to allow the changes to the plant are happening to you. And the transformation results will be equally as wonderful. You are on a journey that never ends and it is important to focus on the many destination points along the way. Look out the window and enjoy the scenery as you go as well.

Although we want changes quickly we must remember that the things we are unhappy about whether they are our weight or poor health we must realize that this has not happened overnight.

As long we stay on the path of making small changes and improvements and accepting some slips ups (even complete stops) along the way we will get there in the end. The alternative such as doing nothing is simply not an option.

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